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Information about our Company - CashbackMalta  Wallet Provider

It 's inevitable today, the process of reorganization and innovation for consumer loyalty.

The attention to the needs and problems of customers, is the basis of the retention process, a task that passes through the adoption of appropriate technical solution, in many ways based on technological innovations.

The steps needed to proceed to the retention process, passes through these points:

Access to loyalty systems more efficiently;

usable systems in a simple and fast;

customer identification and provision of a low cost systems;

Designing systems on customer needs;

New and more efficient interaction models for customers;

Continuous monitoring of satisfaction and customer expectations;

The goal is to offer solutions and advanced services and easily accessible to customers who, through new technologies offered by the loyalty of the management system, are put in a position to access, in an easy, fast and reliable, the advantages offered.

Ease of use for both merchants and customers

Ease of use for both merchants and customers - Cashback Beep! Wallet Provider

The offer includes hardware elements, software and services: a full proposal of real competitive and innovative value.

The savings and payment system can be managed either through the card already in possession of the customer, that the mobile phone with the application for Smartphone.

The procedure to activate the system is simple:

You register simply by entering their cell phone number, from the moment the cashback system is active.

CashBack is a revolution in the loyalty system that allows you to save and pay. The time saved is considerable; it totally avoids the part of the customers collecting points or other search now considered obsolete systems.

The discount is intended to shareholders it is not deducted from the payment but is credited in his electronic wallet and then used only in the circuit allowing a certain return of the sums intended for the said discount.

The idea is to equip businesses for new solutions, modern and evolutionary edge over time.

simple and inexpensive solutions.